Call for submission of literary works in “Daal” magazine

Call for submission of literary works in “Daal” magazine
(former “Mim”, “Jim”, “Laaf” and “Zh)

We hereby request you to participate in making a new issue of our magazine by sending your precious literary works in the type of “Story”, “Poem” or “lyrics” to us. Submitted works must be written based on one of the above photos: A, B, or C.

Please note that you are free to be inspired by photos in any way you prefer. The inspiration can be in the form of picking an idea, a character, or even your whole work’s plot from the photos. You are totally free in processing the work and creating its details.

Please send your literary works in docx. format and make sure of sending it as an attachment to your email. Please be noted that Works written in the text of the email will be rejected for sure.

Please do not send your previous works or the published ones. The editorial board is respectfully excused from accepting such literary works.

Unfortunately, we didn’t receive the literary works of some of you and we couldn’t have them in the previous issue due to some technical reasons, etc. So for this new one please make sure to send your works to the below email address:

In case you didn’t receive a confirmation email from our team after ten days, please email us your works again.

P.s: the magazine is free in editing submitted works. In case you insist on a particular form of writing, special dictation method, or breaking the rhythmic structure intentionally, please mention these points in your email to be noted.

P.s2: Deadline is until March 1st, 2021

P.s3: There is no defined limit on the number of submitted works.



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